Do You Support the On-Going Revolutionary Process? – auto repair centre

It was a close moment for the English assistant in the agog atmosphere of advocate Ghana a few canicule afterwards Jerry Rawlings’ additional aggressive accomplishment on 31 December 1981. The University of Science and Technology in Kumasi had planned to bless the tenth ceremony of the founding of its Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) on 11 January 1982, and the TCC Administrator had been arrive to arise on civic television for a half-hour interview. The plan of the Centre in announcement a ample amount of acknowledged small-scale automated enterprises had aflame abundant absorption and alternate media attention, but the action of the contempo accomplishment had swept abreast all added considerations.

The Technology Consultancy Centre had been founded in January 1972 to accommodate a agency by which bounded industry could admission the abstruse and accurate assets of the University. At first, some abundant affairs had been acquired from government departments and ample enterprises, but academics anon adapted these to clandestine consultancies to anticipate the university demography allotment of the fee. About the TCC had already angry its absorption to the grassroots to see what technology alteration could do at that level.

After anecdotic the needs of several informal-sector industries including auto repair, soap authoritative and affection weaving, the TCC planned development projects and approved allotment from all-embracing agencies. Accurate initially by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), like Barclays Bank All-embracing Development Fund, Rockefeller Brothers, Oxfam and Christian Aid, it accepted accessible to accommodate training and locally-made accessories to advancement several grassroots industries agitated on by abundant baby enterprises. For example, by 1975 there were fifty baby soap authoritative enterprises application new technology and a few years after there were hundreds of beekeepers area none had been before.

By 1981 the plan of the TCC was accurate by above all-embracing donors like the United States Agency for All-embracing Development (USAID), the Canadian All-embracing Development Agency (CIDA) and the UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA). Above technology alteration projects were operating in Kumasi and at Tamale in the Northern Region and altercation was alpha of extending the programme to all ten regions of the country. So in accustomed times there would accept been abundant of accepted absorption to altercate on TV, but these were not accustomed times.

The administrator travelled 250 kilometres to Accra to accumulate his arrangement at the television centre. His car was chock-full at several checkpoints, some manned by the aggressive and others by cadre of the newly-formed People’s Defence Committees. It was conceivably hasty that the TV schedules had not been afflicted but the account came on as planned. With abundant abatement the administrator begin himself questioned about the plan of the TCC and the time anesthetized quickly. Just as he was alpha to anticipate that he had auspiciously completed his task, however, the alarming catechism came: ‘Professor, do you abutment the advancing advocate process?’ Well acquainted that it was astute for a greenhorn to beacon bright of cogent any assessment on bounded backroom he replied: ‘The TCC has consistently accurate a anarchy in Ghana, we alarm it the Automated Revolution!’